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Streamline your anatomic pathology workflows. HALO AP brings case-centric digital pathology slide management, collaboration, and quantitative analysis to your Anatomic Pathology lab.  The browser-based HALO AP interface provides anywhere, anytime access to digital slides for remote sign-out, secondary consultations as well as quantitative IHC workflows. With LIS/LIMS integration, multiple deployment options and end-to-end implementation support, Indica Labs makes it easy for your Anatomic

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HALO AP Assay Builder
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Love Halo Client and Spatial Analysis
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Pharmacodynamic studies in oncology

"Reproduceable results and inter-user reproduceability. Spatial analysis potential will be greatly useful to our platform"

Review date: 17 Dec 2021 | HALO AP®


HALO AP automatically organizes images and meta-data into cases which are assigned to pathologists. An ergonomic case-viewer integrates digital slides, quantitative data, synoptic reports, gross details, and patient information. Links to prior related cases allow for rapid retrieval of patient history.


Whether you’re following CAP or ICCR guidelines, or designing your own proprietary reporting templates, HALO AP allows you to develop structured synoptic reports that facilitate efficient collection of high-quality histopathology scoring data. Score templates are matched to each case by indication.


Unique to HALO AP is an intuitive assay builder that allows your own medical team to create quantitative assays underpinned by our time-tested HALO analysis technology. Assays are locked and signed to prevent unintended changes. With HALO AP’s Assay Builder, you can be confident that your lab is future-proofed for LDT expansion at the forefront of immuno-oncology, multiplexing, AI, and spatial analysis.


HALO AP is designed to work with your laboratory information system, not to replace it. HL7 messaging support and extensive APIs facilitate bidirectional integration with your homegrown or commercial LIS. Barcode parsing eliminates error and improves efficiency through automated case assembly, pathologist/case assignment and notification, assay automation, and report generation.

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Manufacturer Indica Labs  |  Available Worldwide

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews