GPC One by Polymer Char

Manufacturer Polymer Char
Software Platform for the Characterization of Polyolefins.

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The High Temperature GPC / SEC technique requires complex data processing as multi-detection methods become widespread. Processing all the detectors signals in a single software environment and in a uniform manner is a wish for most users. Tracking the quality of the results given by the instrument is a very important aspect to easily validate or reject a given analysis. In many cases, it is also necessary to adapt the results and to process the company unique needs.

Polymer Char’s GPC One Software platform has been developed to achieve all those goals, including also updated data acquisition hardware with multiple computer communication interfaces.

All the detectors signals are acquired and processed in a single environment in a very easy and efficient way, allowing the analysts to have reports customized without going through multiple dedicated software tools for each task.

A Statistical Quality Control database has been integrated in the software packages to help tracking the performance of the GPC / SEC instrumentation. With this new approach, the performance of all the elements in the system is monitored in a simple and efficient way by defining control charts. This ensures the reliability of the results by alerting of malfunctioning parts and other sources of error as calibration drifts or detector S/N degradation.

In addition, it is possible to customize the data processing and calibration procedures as well as the generated reports. Unique protocols that many companies need to follow for implementing specific data corrections or established calculation methods are integrated seamlessly in the standard software.

This package is provided together with Polymer Char’s GPC-IR instrument, but it is also compatible with other vendors’ GPC instruments and detectors through the Data Unit 200 device.