GlykoPrep Technology by Agilent Technologies

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The Agilent GlykoPrep (formerly ProZyme) platform streamlines N-glycan sample preparation.

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GlykoPrep Technology
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From purification to glycan release and labeling, the entire sample preparation workflow can be completed in as little as 3 hours. The cartridge-based platform supports traditional glycan labels such as 2-AB and APTS. Innovative high-performance dyes such as InstantPC are also supported. Your lab will enjoy improved efficiency and enhanced precision with GlykoPrep.

  • The GlykoPrep platform supports traditional glycan labels such as 2-AB and APTS, as well as the first commercially available instant label for glycans, InstantAB, and the innovative InstantPC.
  • GlykoPrep is modular and can be integrated into any workflow. Kit components are also available individually as Digestion Module and dye-specific Labeling & Cleanup Modules, with optional AssayMAP PA50 module for purification of Fc-containing antibodies.
  • GlykoPrep is built on AssayMAP technology - microchromatography in a 96-well format. In the manual protocol, GlykoPrep is performed using centrifugation to move liquid through the cartridges (spin format). The workflow is automatable on the Agilent AssayMAP Bravo, see GlykoPrep-plus kit webpages for more detail.