Flux™ Link NIR by BUCHI

Manufacturer BUCHI  |  Available Worldwide
NIR cloud-based service for consolidation of food quality control

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NIR applications on a global scale through networking that e
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The innovative Flux™ Console connects a network of ProxiMate™ NIR instruments, irrespective of their location, to be controlled from a central location via a web browser interface. This consolidated quality control helps food and feed manufacturers meet the stringent quality targets of their industries. Benefits include:

  • Instant insights from any location: view and compare data from all company sites and laboratories and satisfy demanding audit requirements at the push of a button
  • Complete confidence and security: Schedule precise maintenance to ensure full system availability; data hosting on the world's most secure cloud platform
  • Reduced costs and increased NIR productivity: Immediately share best practices across entire organization; flexible subscription to fit changing requirements