Fluidiphore by Fluidic Analytics

Manufacturer Fluidic Analytics  |   Model: L00487  |  Available in North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Other
Rapid, easy to use protein labeling kit from Fluidic Analytics.

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The fluidiphore rapid labeling kit is an easy to use protein labeling kit, taking just 30 minutes to bind proteins rather than four hours to overnight, as is required by other kits. In addition, the fluidiphore kit uniquely does not require a purification step. This is due to a clever ‘triple-lock’ against background effects. Firstly, the absorbance of the dye shifts from 612 nm (free) to 503 nm when conjugated, meaning that unbound dye will not fluoresce at the same excitation wavelength. Quantum yield (the ratio of fluorescence emission to absorption) also increases upon conjugation meaning that unbound dye will have a much weaker signal than bound. Thirdly, any unused dye hydrolyses during the labeling process becoming inactive and unable to bind, therefore preventing the shift in absorbance and increase in quantum yield.

In addition, there is also a useful observable color change from blue to red/yellow which confirms that labeling is taking place, giving researchers additional confidence in the process. 

This new labeling kit can be used with a multitude of techniques including the company’s groundbreaking Fluidity One-W instrument for protein interaction analysis.

Technical specifications

  • Chemical properties: 1 mg lyophilized blue solid which is soluble in DMF, methanol and acetonitrile. DMSO can also be used but is not recommended. 
  • Absorption: 503 nm (conjugated), 612 nm (free)
  • Emission: 600 nm (conjugated), 665 nm (free) 
  • e L/(mol cm): 24,000 (conjugated), 60,000 (free)
  • Quantum Yield: ~50% (conjugated), less than 1% (free)

For research use only.