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eXtion ® - Increased productivity and performance through ion detection technology.

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Through a rigorous development program consolidating 30 years of R&D, SIMION™ & supercomputer modelling, ETP Adaptas™ has achieved ground-breaking improvements in total detector life. 

This abundance of additional life translates to several key instrument performance advantages being unlocked:

  • Gain stability;
  • Reduced start voltage;
  • Reduce end-of-life voltage.
  • Increased linearity.

By using eXtion® technology, scientific and analytical instrumentation companies can provide their customers with the opportunity to exploit the benefits of discrete dynode performance coupled with the longest operational life of its detectors. This unique combination enables a reduction in the cost of ownership through:

  • Increase in sample throughput by a reduced downtime, service requirements, faster start up, less calibration and tuning;  
  • Less sample preparation by an increase in dynamic range and linearity;
  • Optionally reducing power supply requirements;
  • System stability from a decrease in ageing rate; 
  • Flexible servicing periods via an increase in total detector life;
  • Lower cost per sample.

The incorporation of eXtion® has shown to deliver x3 to x50 (150 Coulombs+) fold increases in detector life reducing the cost of ownership by up to 70%.

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eXtion by Adaptas product image


Manufacturer Adaptas  |  Available Worldwide

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