Epsilon 4 Oils & fuels by Malvern Panalytical

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Compliant, repeatable and accurate elemental analysis of oils and fuels

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Epsilon 4 Oils & fuels
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Value beyond compliance
Epsilon 4 offers excellent performance for elemental analysis in different processes in refineries. This new and powerful benchtop XRF instrument is well suited for the analysis of sulfur and other trace elements in fuels according to the latest ASTM, EPA, ISO, IP and JIS test methods. 

The power of benchtop XRF
Combining the latest excitation and detection technologies and smart design, the analytical performance of Epsilon 4 approaches that of more powerful and floor-standing spectrometers. Selective excitation and careful matching of the X-ray tube output to the capabilities of the detection system underlie the system’s outstanding performance.

Guaranteed performance
Epsilon 4 complies with international test methods and norms, like TIER 3, ISO 13032, ISO 20847, ISO 8754, ASTM D4294, ASTM D4929, JIS K2541-4, IP 336 and IP 496.

Calibrated for years
A low-drift X-ray tube and an automatic drift correction system give compliant results for years without the need for re-calibration. This results in a more efficient use of the system and less cost of calibration maintenance.

Fast and sensitive
Fast measurements are achieved by using the latest silicon drift detector technology that produces significantly higher intensities. 
Unique detector electronics enable a linear count rate capacity to over 1,500,000 cps (at 50% dead time) and a count rate independent resolution typically better than 135 eV for better separation of analytical lines in the spectrum. This allows the Epsilon 4 spectrometer to run at full power and therefore realizes a much higher sample throughput compared to traditional EDXRF benchtop instruments.

Reduce helium consumption
The high performance of Epsilon 4 enables many applications to be operated in air atmosphere, without longer overhead time and costs involved for helium or maintenance of vacuum system. When measuring in air, low-energy X-ray photons characteristic of sodium, magnesium and aluminium, are sensitive to variations in air pressure and temperature. Built-in temperature and air-pressure sensors compensate for these environmental variations, ensuring excellent results whatever the weather.