Electroporation Cuvettes by Bulldog Bio Inc.

Manufacturer Bulldog Bio Inc.  |   Model: 12358-345/12358-346/12358-347
High-Efficiency Nucleic Acid Delivery

Electroporation Cuvettes by Bulldog Bio Inc. product image
Electroporation Cuvettes

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Piercing cell walls and plasma membranes with electric pulses is a venerated technique in molecular biology. Be it simple DNA transformation of bacterial cells or the delivery of microRNAs into finicky human cells—electroporation is popular, safe, and effective. But did you know that most electroporation devices are designed to work with industry standard dimensions for their cuvettes? And knowing that, wouldn’t you prefer to appeal to the highest standard of manufacturing? Bulldog Bio cuvettes follow these conventions precisely. Our state-of-the-art facility in the USA makes our cuvettes compatible with nearly every electroporation system sitting on a lab bench today—and because our quality assurance standards match those of more expensive brands, Bulldog Bio cuvettes are used with those same systems, every day. Wonder why? Our cuvettes are listed at nearly half the price of most other suppliers. It’s simple math—you can't afford not to switch. Ask for a free sample, and see what all the fuss is about!