DMA 3200 High Force DMA by TA Instruments

Manufacturer TA Instruments
The DMA 3200 combines decades of cutting-edge fatigue and world-leading Dynamic Mechanical Analysis technologies into a unique and highly versatile testing platform. The patented, frictionless Electroforce ® motor technology, superior mechanical design, efficient environmental control, and wide variety of clamping systems deliver superior data accuracy for the broadest range of applications.

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DMA 3200 High Force DMA

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The DMA 3200 features patented ElectroForce linear motor technology enabling a single instrument to deliver unequalled performance and data accuracy. This unique motor technology combines powerful rare-earth magnets with a frictionless flexural suspension for the most precise force and displacement control over a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes. The DMA 3200 motor delivers a force output of up to 500 N and controlled displacements ranging from 1 micron to 13 mm. Testing can be conducted in both static and dynamic modes.

In addition, the frictionless, moving-magnet design eliminates failure points that exist in other motor designs, such as moving wires and bearing degradation. This ensures the most durable and reliable performance; proven over billions of cycles through decades of maintenance-free use in ElectroForce fatigue test instruments. It is the only motor in the industry backed by a ten-year warranty.

This efficient, quiet, and lubrication-free motor technology allows the DMA 3200 to be used virtually anywhere; from lab to production floor, or from the cleanroom to office space.

Key Features

  • Patented, linear motor and high-resolution displacement sensor provides unmatched control over the widest ranges of force, displacement, and frequency, for superior data accuracy
  • Ultra-durable, frictionless motor, backed by industry’s only ten-year warranty, provides maintenance- and worry-free operation
  • High force of 500 N enables testing of larger samples or final parts under real-world conditions, by achieving higher loading levels in both DMA and fatigue analysis
  • Forced Convection Oven (FCO) provides superior control and responsiveness over a temperature range of -150°C to 600°C for the highest degree of accuracy and flexibility in experiment thermal profiles
  • Large Sample Oven (LSO), with a temperature range of -150°C to 315°C, offers spacious interior dimensions to accommodate testing of large samples or components
  • Air Chiller Systems (ACS) offer unique gas flow cooling for sub-ambient testing without the use of liquid nitrogen, eliminating potential laboratory hazards while providing an incredible return on investment
  • Broad range of fixtures accommodate a wide range of sample sizes and geometries adding to testing versatility
  • Extremely rigid test frame and air bearings ensure the most accurate results on samples of very high stiffness
  • Multi-color status lights provide clear and visible indication of instrument and test status
  • WinTest® and TRIOS Software packages provide powerful and easy-to-use instrument control and data analysis for the ultimate flexibility in experimental design.