Direct Adaptive HPLC Column Connectors (Di-Ad™) by MicroSolv Technology Corp.

Manufacturer MicroSolv Technology Corp.  |  Available Worldwide
Spring Loaded HPLC Column Fitting with Stainless Steel Laser Cut precision tubing. A quick and easy connection with all brands of Columns to help in reducing Peak broadening and poor connections.

Direct Adaptive HPLC Column Connectors (Di-Ad™) by MicroSolv Technology Corp. product image
Direct Adaptive HPLC Column Connectors (Di-Ad™)
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The Direct Adaptive (Di-Ad™) HPLC Column Connectors were designed for Speed and Convenience when changing between different column brands on your instrument. One can quickly remove and replace columns without tools and the need to cut ferrules and adjust tubing that can ultimately and undesirably affect system volume. 

  • Pressure Rating: 10,000 psi.
  • Various Lengths of Stainless-Steel tubing available
  • Various Internal Diameter Stainless-Steel tubing available
  • Error-Free Process
  • Universal, Self-Adapting Pilot Length

The spring-loaded, Di-Ad™ pilot length automatically adjusts to become compatible with any column 10–32 threaded, end-fitting. Single End Fitting units require a standard 1/16th" stainless steel nut and ferrule or finger tightened fitting to install it on the pump and detector sides of the instrument. Double End Fitting Units will screw into the pump before the column and into the detector after the column and do not require additional nuts and ferrules. Select different tubing ID and Length to suit your own instrument needs for Universal HPLC Column Fittings.