Dip’n’Check AAV9 by PROGEN

Manufacturer PROGEN  |  Available Worldwide
Rapid lateral flow test for the detection of AAV9 viral capsids in cell lysates or purified preparations.  

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Dip’n’Check AAV9
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PROGEN’s Dip’n’Check AAV9 is a lateral flow sandwich assay for the detection of intact and fully assembled AAV9 capsids using an antibody specific for AAV9. The quick and reliable detection of AAV samples allows a rapid estimation and comparison of concentrations in various samples for further downstream analysis or purification steps (e.g. for finding the optimal dilution range for subsequent ELISA analysis). This lateral flow test is a semi-quantitative assay with a detection range of 2.5E+08-1.0E+10 capsids of AAV9 in the assay volume of 156 µl. Within this range, a 2-fold concentration difference is clearly detectable.

Limited Use Label License: Research Use Only. The product is exclusively licensed to PROGEN Biotechnik GmbH.

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