D-ONE by INTEGRA Biosciences

Manufacturer INTEGRA Biosciences
The D-ONE single channel pipetting module offers hands-free transfers from individual tubes or wells on the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot. This makes it the perfect add-on for labs that want to go beyond the possibilities of multichannel pipetting to access unlimited applications. It is designed to offer easy automation of normalization, hit picking and master mix preparation, freeing up your time while eliminating transcription errors.

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D-ONE Overview

  • The D-ONE single channel pipetting module is available in two volume ranges: 0.5 to 300 µl and 5 to 1250 µl.
  • Pipetting with a single channel offers maximum flexibility, with automatic liquid level detection.
  • A special D-ONE tip deck can accommodate two tip racks, allow the ASSIST PLUS to switch between 12.5/300 µl or 125/1250 µl GripTips without manual intervention.