CryoStor® CS10 by STEMCELL Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer STEMCELL Technologies Inc.  |   Model: 7930

CryoStor® CS10 by STEMCELL Technologies Inc. product image
CryoStor® CS10

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CryoStor® CS10 is a uniquely formulated serum-free, animal component-free, and defined cryopreservation medium containing 10% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Designed to preserve cells in low temperature environments (-80°C to -196°C), CryoStor® CS10 provides a safe, protective environment for cells and tissues during the freezing and thawing processes and during storage. CryoStor® CS10 is recommended for the cryopreservation of hepatocytes, tissue samples, human peripheral blood, CHO cells, myeloma cell lines, hybridomas, human mesenchymal stem cells, human embryonic and human induced pluripotent stem cells (ES cells and iPS cells) and other extremely sensitive cell types. CryoStor® CS10 is cGMP-manufactured with USP grade components.

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