Cross Section Polisher by JEOL USA

Manufacturer JEOL USA
Ion Beam Cross Section Polisher (CP) 

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Cross Section Polisher
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Ion Beam Cross Section Polisher (CP) produces pristine cross sections of samples – hard, soft, or composites – without smearing, crumbling, distorting, or contaminating them in any way. For SEM, EPMA, and SAM sample preparation. Creates perfect cross sections of paper, shale, yeast, latex beads, coatings, and wire bonds. Ideal for mirrored surface of soft materials such as gold, polymers, ceramics, and glass. JEOL also offers a Cooling Cross Section Polisher for preparation and polishing of materials that are sensitive to exposure to air or thermal damage, such as solder, metallic lithium, and galvanized steel.

  • Clean polished cross section of hard, soft, and composite materials
  • Clean mirrored surface with minimal strain or distortion
  • Wide area cross sections (up to several mm across)
  • Easy touch panel operation

Cooling CP Advantages:

  • Nitrogen cooling prevents thermal damage to materials with low melting and low glass transition points
  • Air Isolation transfer system protects samples that are sensitive to exposure

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