Corning® Matribot® Bioprinter by Corning Life Sciences

Accelerate development and streamline the workflow of 3D models.

Corning<sup>®</sup> Matribot<sup>®</sup> Bioprinter by Corning Life Sciences product image
Corning® Matribot® Bioprinter
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Introducing the Corning Matribot bioprinter, a breakthrough device that enables dispensing and printing with Corning Matrigel® matrix, Collagen, and other temperature-sensitive hydrogels without the need for cold blocks, ice buckets, or a cold room. It can also be used to bioprint with hydrogels that need ambient temperature such as alginate-based bioinks.

The Corning Matribot bioprinter is the first benchtop bioprinter designed to handle Corning Matrigel matrix using a revolutionary cooling syringe printhead technology that allows you to biodispense 3D droplets or droplet arrays for organoid applications. The system also allows you to bioprint layered geometries with various other extracellular matrices to better emulate in vivo environments for 3D cell culture functions that are advancing the industry and modern therapeutics in critical areas.

The Corning Matribot bioprinter delivers a flexible, easy-to-use, semi-automated solution that reduces manual inconsistencies; all in a small footprint, enabling sophisticated drug discovery and toxicology research for future personalized therapeutics.

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