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GCxGC software

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GC×GC data is acquired by a detector in a linear (1D) format, so specialist software is required to ‘fold’ the data in order to view colour and surface plots.

ChromSpace allows GC×GC to be a productive contributor in any high-throughput laboratory, by enabling sophisticated peak merging, flexible data navigation and streamlined workflows.

Time-saving features, such as instant display of library matches and dynamically-linked panes, make GC×GC data exploration effortless, while a unique combination of peak perception algorithms ensures that even trace-level, masked peaks are not overlooked or incorrectly merged.


Product benefits:

  • Customisable layout to suit all users.
  • Global deconvolution to expose hidden peaks.
  • Simplified, user-friendly quantitative workflow.
  • Simultaneous acquisition and processing of MS (.lsc and .cdf) and single-channel data, e.g. FID.

Product Overview

ChromSpace by SepSolve Analytical product image


Manufacturer SepSolve Analytical  |  Available Worldwide

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