Chromatrap® Drosophila UniqSeq Kit by Chromatrap

Manufacturer Chromatrap  |  Available Worldwide
The first dedicated ChIP-Seq and library preparation kit for Drosophila.

Chromatrap® Drosophila UniqSeq Kit by Chromatrap product image
Chromatrap® Drosophila UniqSeq Kit

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Streamline your fruitfly ChIP and library preparation with the Chromatrap® kit that allows you to sequentially perform ChIP and library preparation for next-generation sequencing. This kit contains all the regents you need to efficiently extract chromatin from Drosophila tissues and obtain purified selectively enriched DNA to create high quality complex libraries. 

  • The only kit that combines the highest sensitivity ChIP assay with library preparation for Drosophila
  • Ready-to-sequence in under 8 hours
  • Superior bead-free system for ChIP and size selection