Chameleon XT and XTT by kbiosystems Limited

Manufacturer kbiosystems Limited  |  Available Worldwide
kbiosystems Sealing Series of automated and semi automated systems offer the ideal entry level automation laboratories require for a reliable, consistent plate and tube closing.

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Chameleon XTT

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The Chameleon XT unit is an automated heat applied micro plate and tube rack sealer. The unit uses a roll of surface modified aluminium or plastic film approx. 85mm wide and 600m long, the roll is positioned to the rear of the sealing section via a removable stand, using a total inline method the film is pulled through the main unit, cut to between 125mm and 130mm in length and then applied to the plate top surface to create the seal between plate and film.

Offering complete versatility, the sealer Series will work with a wide range of plates, tube racks and custom applications shallow and deep well formats, and custom mouldings.

Our latest range of seals support polystyrene, polypropylene and CoC & CoP plate formats with a range of film substrates please contact us for further details.

Constant time and pressure lead the way in sealing techniques, kbiosystems developed the first fully automated production sealers way back in 1994 and still are considered the premier application specialist amongst users and integrators alike.

System operation is designed to efficiently apply a heat activated sealing film to a micro well plate or tube rack top surface. By pulling and maintaining control of a reel of film cutting to the desired length and by means of heat and time based variables apply the film to achieve the seal. The unit is both pneumatically and electrically operated and hence will require both supplies to be readily available.

Key Features:

  • Operator Friendly: Easy to program and operator and integrator friendly
  • Versatile: Able to use multiple plastic ware manufactures plates across applications.
  • Reliable: Engineered with robustness in mind

System Requirements:

  • Electric: The unit can handle both 110 / 220 VAC supplies but must be rated to min 6Amp
  • Pneumatic: The unit requires a supply rated to min 5.5bar max 6.5bar 50 litres per min.
  • Weight: Approx. 12 kgs
  • Dimensions: Chameleon 625mm L x 175mm W x 440mm H (Inc. film roll), Chameleon XT 600mm L x 175mm W x 460mm H (Inc. film roll)
  • Comms lead: 3m RS232 (3 wire 2,3 and 5 connection non twisted)
  • Comms driver: Supplied with kbiosystems communication protocol
  • Shuttle extension: Offers greater access to plate nest extends + 34mm