CELLview™ Microplates by Greiner Bio-One GmbH

Manufacturer Greiner Bio-One GmbH  |   Model: 655891, 655981, 7818
For automated microscopy and high content screening

CELLview™ Microplates by Greiner Bio-One GmbH product image
96 and 384 well CELLview Microplates
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Consisting of a low autofluorescence black cyloolefin frame with an ultra-transparent 170 μm borosilicate glass bottom, the innovative CELLview™ Microplate design features a recessed well-bottom elevation to enable complete access of peripheral wells with low working-distance objectives. The new CELLview™ Microplates are sterile, single packed and come with either regular TC treatment or Advanced TCTM treatment for demanding cell lines and primary cells.

  • For outstanding image quality and resolution
  • Excellent optical transparency
  • Recessed well bottom facilitating the use of objectives with low working distance
  • Ditch at the perimeter can be filled with liquid to minimise edge effects and evaporation
  • Compatible with advanced automated microscopic systems
  • Available in TC and Advanced TCTM surface qualities

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