Cellometer X2 Image Cytometer by Nexcelom Bioscience

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Optimized for brewing yeast, wine yeast and other small cells with two channels of fluorescence.

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Cellometer X2 Image Cytometer
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Yeast Cell Counts

"The Cellometer X2 has been a great purchase for us. It has allowed us to expand the amount of cell counts we do on a daily basis and it takes us less time to do them than counting by hand with a microscope. We no longer have to worry about training new individuals which cells to count, and which to leave out since the Cellometer takes care of it all. The service team is always helpful and we have never had a problem they haven't been able to solve quickly."

Review date: 25 Oct 2018 | Cellometer X2 Image Cytometer
The Cellometer X2 offers both bright field imaging and fixed Red (Ex 540nm / Em 660nm) and Green (Ex 470nm / Em 535) fluorescent optics modules. It is specifically designed for analysis of small cells such as yeast and platelets. The proprietary software accurately identifies individual cells, even in clumpy or chain-forming samples. The Cellometer software captures and analyzes images in less than 30 seconds to provide count, concentration and viability measurements. Data and images are auto-saved and can be auto-printed.