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Manufacturer FORMULATRIX®, Inc.  |   Model: Automated Cell Cultu  |  Available Worldwide
Automated Cell Culture: Feed - Split - Expand - Plate - Differentiate

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Focus on Your Research as the Cell Automation Suite Grows Your Cells! 
The system handles the manual labor of feeding, splitting, and imaging your cells. 

  • 24/7 operation maintaining and handling adherent cell culture plates allowing scientists to spend their valuable time on research 
  • Store and handle up to 400 SBS-sized plates; your choice of plate density from single-well up to 384-well plates 
  • Easily define cell maintenance and assay plate orders with our cell-application-specific scheduling software 
  • Web-based software allows access anywhere to check on the progress of your cells; email and text notifications available if any problems are found

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CELLMATIC by FORMULATRIX®, Inc. product image


Manufacturer FORMULATRIX®, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

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