CD-Chex Select® by Streck

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CD-Chex Select is a positive flow cytometry control for CD26, CD41, CD57, CD58, CD61, CD64, CD79a, FMC7, MPO, TCR α/β and TCR γ/δ expression.

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CD-Chex Select®
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CD-Chex Select is a positive procedural flow cytometry control assayed for 11 CD markers used for immunophenotyping: CD26, CD41, CD57, CD58, CD61, CD64, FMC7, TCR α/β, TCR γ/δ, and intracellular CD79a and MPO. CD-Chex Select contains human leukocytes and erythrocytes that possess surface and intracellular antigens detectable with fluorescent monoclonal antibodies by flow cytometry and is designed to represent normal peripheral blood leukocytes where lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes are distinguishable on the basis of light scatter properties. Designed to resemble a patient sample, this control monitors reagent staining, erythrocyte lysis, sample preparation and instrument performance. 

CD-Chex Select has plastic vials with pierceable caps and is compatible with BD® Biosciences and Beckman Coulter® flow cytometry systems. 


  • Assayed for 11 CD markers, including 2 intracellular markers 
  • Whole blood control resembles patient sample 
  • Compatible with automated sample preparation instruments and BD Biosciences and Beckman Coulter flow cytometry systems 
  • 30-day open-vial stability; 90-day closed-vial stability 


  • Manufacturer established assay ranges – no need to verify range per CAP requirements 
  • Compatibility with automated sample preparation instruments improves laboratory workflow and reduces errors 
  • Reduces the need for labs to hold and validate patient samples for use as a control 
  • Access to STATS®, Streck’s free interlaboratory quality control program for peer group data comparison 
  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.