bioZen WidePore C4 by Phenomenex Inc

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Intact core-shell reversed phase column

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bioZen WidePore C4
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bioZen™ 2.6 µm WidePore C4 is an intact core-shell reversed phase column that provides good peak shape and selectivity for both intact monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and subunit analyses. Its robust surface grafting and optimal particle and pore size morphology ensures high reproducibility for analytical methods.

bioZen WidePore C4 is designed for better resolution of large biologics using:

  • Core-Shell Advantage for High Efficiency
  • Optimal Pore Size for Better Separation
  • Bioinert Hardware for Improved Peak Shape
  • Robust Surface Chemistry for Improved Column Stability

Core-shell advantage
For an increase in resolution, along with faster and more consistent results, our scientists create a durable, homogeneous spherical porous shell uniformly grown on a solid silica core.

Controlled wide pore technology
A wider pore LC column (~400Å) allows for better separation of large biologics and with a controlled manufacturing process, bioZen WidePore introduces a new solution for analyzing intact and subunit mAbs.