BioMicroLab AutoCap by SPT Labtech

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide
User-friendly automated benchtop capping and decapping instrument to streamline labor-intensive workflows. 

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BioMicroLab AutoCap
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Ready-to-use, right out of the box, the BioMicroLab AutoCap makes it easy for operators to quickly add or remove screw caps for 96-format internal or external thread tubes. For laboratories with various types of tubes, the interchangeable capping tools allows operators to quickly modify the instrument to cap different labware. 

Controlled by either an onboard user-friendly 7-inch color touchscreen interface or by a network connection, repetitive strain injuries typical of capping tasks are entirely avoided. An integrated liquid filling module is currently in development. 

Add or remove screw caps and combine with optional liquid filling for a benchtop decapping and capping system for racks of tubes. Ready-to-use out of the box! 


  • Friendly 7-inch color touch screen interface 

  • Works with tubes from FluidX, Matrix, Micronic, Greiner, Altemis, LVL/Ziath, Thermo Scientific & more 

  • Compatible with tube sizes 0.3 mL, 0.5 mL, 0.75 mL, 1.1 mL & 1.4 mL e Easy-to-use by a wide variety of operators 

  • Re-usable cap carrier compatible 

Advanced cap tool system 

  • The capping mechanism supports a wide range of closure types, ensuring compatibility with your future labware 

  • Easily change between internal and external caps 

  • Eliminate repetitive strain injuries typical of capping and decapping tasks! 

BioMicroLab XL AutoCap is now BioMicroLab AutoCap

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BioMicroLab AutoCap by SPT Labtech product image

BioMicroLab AutoCap

Manufacturer SPT Labtech  |  Available Worldwide

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