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Aura is the particle and aggregate detection system that combines Backgrounded Membrane Imaging which images 100% of your sample to give you count, size, and morphological information, with up to 2 channels of Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy. Identify if particles are protein or not with the first FMM channel and determine if your sample contains lipids, hydrophobic entities, or other aggregates of your choice with a second.

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Halo Labs

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The Aura™ system is the particle analysis platform that gets you to your best formulation faster. It combines Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM) technology with Backgrounded Imaging (BMI) technology to give you a low volume, high-throughput system that counts, sizes, and IDs protein aggregates. Translation? You can now screen particles as early as lead optimization and pre-formulation testing to gain key drug stability insights earlier, reducing development risk and time to market.

Get the Aura instrument that fits best with your workflow – a brightfield only system that can be updated later, a 1-channel fluorescence system that gives you brightfield and detects ThT labeled protein aggregates, or a 2-channel fluorescence system that adds an additional fluorescence channel to your system. And did we mention that the Aura counts and measures 100% of your sample so sample focus and flow rates won’t ever bias your data? Never worry about what you’re missing with the Aura!

  • Identify, quantitate and differentiate between proteinaceous and non-proteinaceous materials
  • Only requires 5uL of sample volume
  • Fluorescence labeling of your choice from standard to custom excitation and emission wavelengths
  • Completely automated and fluidic free with minimal optimization
  • Large Size Particle Detection Range: 1µm – 5mm
  • 96 sample throughput
  • Established USP method