Aura by Spectral Instruments Imaging

Manufacturer Spectral Instruments Imaging  |   Model: AVL
Spectral Instruments Imaging's AURA is a comprehensive acquisition and analysis software package - for use with Optical Imaging Data: BLI, FLI, X-ray. AURA allows you to efficiently sort images and perform multiple overlays of different modalities. AURA can can be used to display and analyze legacy files from Living Image® / IVIS®. In support of open collaboration, AURA analysis software is available 100% License Free, for both Mac & PC. 

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AURA is a comprehensive, feature rich software tool for optical imaging. The seamless, end to end workflow – from acquisition to analysis – maps user journeys through the most complex protocols, providing breakthrough productivity.

With Integrated Instrument Control, Acquisition and Analysis, Overlay for Multiple Modes (BLI, FLI, X-ray)and Advanced  Productivity Image Manager.  

AURA enables you to capture, and analyze your data quickly, easily and accurately.

AURA Analysis software is available License Free, for both Mac & PC. Legacy image files (Living Image® / IVIS®) can be displayed and analyzed.