ADAMII-CD3/CD4/CD8 Kit by NanoEntek

Manufacturer NanoEntek  |   Model: CD348K-025  |  Available Worldwide
ADAMII CD3/CD4/CD8 Kit is compatible with ADAM?. It is used for counting CD3+,CD3+CD4+, and CD3+CD8+ cell that can be used in research laboratory.

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ADAMII CD3/CD4/CD8 kit is intended for in vitro diagnostic use on ADAMII image based fluorescence cell counter. It identifies the absolute counts of human T lymphocytes(CD3+), helper/inducer(CD3+CD4+) T lymphocytes, and suppressor/cytotoxic(CD3+CD8+) T lymphocytes in RBC-lysed whole blood cell.  

ADAMII CD3/CD4/CD8 counting is used to monitor the immune status of human immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases. ADAMII CD3/CD4/CD8 targets of T cell responses to SARS-CoV-2 in human, so it can be used for vaccine development and monitoring for COVID-19 patients. As vaccine aim to elicit immune responses through CD4 T cells, understanding the dynamics of T-cell is essential in the vaccine development.

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ADAMII-CD3/CD4/CD8 Kit by NanoEntek product image


Manufacturer NanoEntek  |  Available Worldwide

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