AcquireX Intelligent Data Acquisition Workflow by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |   Model: AcquireX  |  Available Worldwide
Acquiring high quality data doesn't need to be a challenge.

AcquireX Intelligent Data Acquisition Workflow by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
AcquireX Intelligent Data Acquisition Workflow

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Your samples contain vast amounts of information, which provides both knowledge and value. The Thermo Scientific AcquireX intelligent data acquisition workflow enables you to access this information by acquiring the highest quality, in-depth LC-MSn data possible.

Small molecule structural identification and characterization typically involves exhaustive, in-depth analysis of complex samples followed by deep interrogation of the data. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ensure that you can obtain multi-stage fragmentation data (MSn) for every analyte of interest?

Key benefits:

  • Collect more meaningful data, not just more data - Typical LC-MSn workflows have to compromise among spectral quality, specificity and coverage. Now you can break those dependencies and capture high-quality MSn spectral data on every compound in your sample, automatically.
  • Fully automated, all-inclusive data acquisition - There is no need to manually interrogate your data to identify background ions for exclusion, or to create inclusion lists. Interrogation can be automated, from background exclusion to the inclusion of sample compounds, automated include/exclude list updates and iterative sample re-injections for exhaustive MSn profiling.
  • Increased productivity and more confident identifications - Compared to 'traditional' data-dependent acquisition (DDA), both the number of compounds with in-depth fragmentation spectra and the confidence in spectral matches increases when using AcquireX DDA. This is especially true when using Compound Discoverer software or Mass Frontier software with mzCloud. Interrogate your samples more deeply, with more confidence in assignments.