Oligo Clean & Concentrator™ by Zymo Research

Manufacturer Zymo Research  |   Model: D4060  |  Available Worldwide
Clean any DNA and RNA oligos and elute in 6 µl

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Oliogo Clean & Concentrator Kit
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The Oligo Clean & Concentrator™ provides a streamlined method for efficient recovery and clean-up of DNA/RNA fragments and oligonucletides =16 nt from labeling (radioactive, biotin, DIG, etc.) and other enzymatic reactions. Unincorporated nucleotides, short oligos, dyes, enzymes, and salts are effectively removed by the clean-up procedure. DNA/RNA is washed and concentrated into a small volume of water. Purified DNA/RNA, available in just 2 minutes, is suitable for hybridization, gel shift assays, enzymatic reactions, ligation, sequencing, microarray analysis, etc.

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Oligo Clean & Concentrator™ by Zymo Research product image

Oligo Clean & Concentrator™

Manufacturer Zymo Research  |  Available Worldwide

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