Mix & Go! Competent Cells-XJb Autolysis™ by Zymo Research

Manufacturer Zymo Research  |   Model: T3041  |  Available Worldwide
Simple, fast, and controlled autolysis of E. coli.

Mix & Go! Competent Cells-XJb Autolysis™ by Zymo Research product image
XJ Autolysis E.coli Strains

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XJ Autolysis E. coli strains are a new alternative for bacterial transformation and lysis. These strains are efficiently lysed following arabinose-induced expression of the bacteriophage ? endolysin protein, coupled to a single freeze-thaw cycle. The strains simplify protein expression and purification. They are also applicable for nucleic acid purification, and available with a DE3 lysogen encoding the T7 polymerase for expressing recombinant proteins driven by the T7 promoter.