2-D SDS-PAGE Standards by Bio-Rad

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500 µl, 17,500–76,000 MW range, pI 4.5–8.5, unstained mixture of myoglobin, trypsin inhibitor, CA, GAPDH, actin, BSA, and conalbumin

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2-D SDS-PAGE Standards
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These are the only gels that I run in my lab for protein and DNA work.
Rating: 3.0

  • Application Area: Protein separation

"These gels are the best gels in the market. I have used them for protein separation, EMSA, and ubiquitination assays."

Review date: 08 Feb 2017 | 2-D SDS-PAGE Standards

Use 2-D SDS-PAGE Standards for spot matching and molecular weight determination of proteins on 2-D PAGE gels. Our 2-D SDS-PAGE Standards are a mixture of seven proteins (17.5–76 kD, with pI 4.5–8.5). The seven reduced, denatured proteins can be visualized with silver or Coomassie Blue stains. No dilution is required.

Applications and Uses

  • PI and MW determination of sample proteins
  • 2-D gel matching
  • An internal control to assess reproducibility

2-D SDS-PAGE Standards Specifications

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