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ZipChip enables seamless CE/ESI-MS workflow and provides fast CE separation, nano-spray level sensitivity to obtain high-resolution separation and mass spec data from characterization of intact proteins, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), antibody subunits, peptides, and nucleic acids. 

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great instrument, I rely on it as workhorse


Average Rating 5.0

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bioprocessing and characterization

Very easy to use, direct characterization, fast and reliable. great product.

Review Date: 14 Mar 2018 | 908 Devices

Pop ZipChip on your mass spec as the source. It separates your samples and electrosprays them into your mass spec for analysis. All in as little as 1 minute. Limited on sample or got a tough matrix? Bring ‘em on. ZipChip doesn’t even flinch at matrices with detergents or salt, making it the ideal solution for biopharma samples. ZipChip CE-Mass spectrometry is the perfect orthogonal alternative to LC/MS. ZipChip consumables take the guesswork out of method development - assay kits are optimized for each application and come with everything you need to kick your mass spec into overdrive.

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