908 Devices features its high-speed, high-resolution separations technology at the 71st ASMS conference

Key oral presentation highlights the company’s prototype microfluidic chips for multi-omics workflows

1 Jun 2023
Lawrence Howes
Editorial Assistant

908 Devices Inc, is showcasing its ZipChip CE-MS device for rapid characterization of critical product quality attributes for biologics, oligonucleotides, RNAs, and AAVs, with an oral presentation, seminar and 17 posters at the 71st ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, June 4-8 in Houston. The majority of the scientific presentations are results from collaborators and key opinion leaders such as the Weizmann Institute of Science, Dyne Therapeutics, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, CPI, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Connecticut.

908 Devices is revolutionizing chemical and biochemical analysis with its mass spec devices that are simple to operate, provide answers in minutes and are used at the point of need. The company’s ZipChip device leverages microchip-based capillary electrophoresis (CE) and nano-electrospray ionization technology to minimize sample prep burden, perform high-speed and high-resolution separations, and directly introduce samples into a Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker or SCIEX mass spectrometer.

A key highlight of the company’s presence at the ASMS conference is its breakfast seminar on Protein Characterization of Biologics using Microchip CE-MS: From mAbs to AAVs, on Monday, June 5 at 7 am CT. Dr. Jonathan Bones and Dr. Josh Smith from the National Institute of Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) in Ireland will share application highlights of using ZipChip for characterizations on proteins and adeno-associated virus (AAV). Dr. Bones will highlight his lab’s use of ZipChip for multi-characterization of proteins in applications including charge variant analysis, peptide mapping, and released glycan analysis of therapeutic proteins. He will also discuss ZipChip’s key advantages such as versatility, high sensitivity, short analysis times and lack of method development. Dr. Smith will highlight the successful use of ZipChip for rapid analysis of various serotypes of the AAVs. The detailed collaboration results are presented in three separate posters at this ASMS.

In a key oral presentation, Dr. Will Thompson from 908 Devices will present his collaboration with Professor Marc Foster from Duke University on unifying the multi-omics world with microchip capillary electrophoresis: discovering secrets in six dimensions from one drop of dried blood. In this work, Dr. Thompson will describe a workflow using the company’s prototype microfluidic chips for its ZipChip capillary electrophoresis device coupled to a mass spec instrument, which allows independent metabolomic, peptidomic, top-down and bottom-up proteomics from a single sample containing 20 μL of dried blood.

In addition, 908 Devices will present another two posters on quantitation of amino acids in cell culture media using its REBEL desktop CE-MS device, a first-of-its-kind fresh and spent media analyzer that enables biopharma researchers to accelerate process development cycles and maximize bioreactor utilization by running media analysis at-line.

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