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X-Light V2

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"High-speed and large field of view spinning disk". The fast-imaging speed of X-Light V2 allows for capturing fast dynamics in applications such as cell motility, signaling, and transport, in addition to 3D imaging of cells and tissues. X-Light V2 is a flexible solution for basic and demanding imaging applications. The X-Light V2 L-FOV's exclusive 25 mm field of view allows large samples to be captured with minimal scanning a…

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To guarantee each laboratory greater productivity without compromising the data quality, CrestOptics has created the X-Light V2, an accessible solution for fast and gentle confocal imaging. The X-Light V2 allows a fluid widefield/confocal transition providing the true Z optical sectioning in one-click. The X-Light V2 is a truly enabling technology where the high-performance is combined with the application flexibility and a universal compatibility with any upright and inverted microscopes with a camera port. As a fully automated spinning disk system, X-Light V2 consists of motorized filter and dichroic wheels.


1. High-speed disk rotation

With the highest spinning disk rotation on the market, X-Light V2 allows to follow ultra-fast cell dynamics with an acquisition speed of over 1000 fps on full field of view (FOV) for extended periods of time. The spinning disk method offers not only high-speed imaging but significantly reduced photo bleaching and phototoxicity.

2. Large field of view (FOV)

The wider FOV up to 25 mm (X-Light V2 L-FOV serie), allows imaging of a sample area almost double the size of conventional imaging systems. A wider area translates into more information collected from each image and a reduction in the number of tiles needed to cover a large sample, significantly accelerating the research process.

3. Illumination sources and fluorophore spectrum

With the perfect match with pinhole size and high light throughput, the X-Light V2 can be coupled with Laser and LED light sources. Custom-designed lenses are optimized to perform with a wide range of wavelengths from UV to near NIR to use a large variety of fluorophores.

4. Tailor-made spinning disk solutions

CrestOptics offers the freedom to choose the disk geometry that best suits the application any user is interested in (i.e., deep imaging, fast live imaging). The disk box is protected from dust and synchronization signals out to the camera make the X-Light V2 a reliable system.


A gentle illumination combined with advanced optical sectioning makes the X-Light V2 a suitable solution for a variety of applications.

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