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TwoMP Auto

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The TwoMP Auto combines the ease and efficiency of automation with the unmatched sensitivity and simplicity of Refeyn’s molecular mass measurement technology. It frees up operator time and offers enhanced precision, enabling rapid measurement of multiple samples with low sample consumption.


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The TwoMP Auto consists of a robotically controlled mass photometer that can autonomously measure 14 samples, including calibrants, in one hour. It is ideal for a range of applications, including titration assays as well as screening. Automated mass photometry is perfect for any task that requires precise and efficient repeated molecular mass characterization. The robotics unit can be retrofitted to both the OneMP and TwoMP Refeyn mass photometers produced by Refeyn.

The TwoMP Auto is intuitive, and a single software interface enables the operator to control the entire data acquisition process. The operator defines a protocol for sample mixing and measurement; and loads the sample, buffers, calibrants, and any other necessary solutions onto a 96-well plate. The robot follows that pre-defined protocol to transfer components from the 96-well plate to a multi-well gasket on the mass photometer that can hold 14 samples. The first and final wells of the gasket are typically used for calibrants, providing an internal validation control. Then, the robot autonomously runs the mass measurements, returning the data to the operator for further analysis. The TwoMP Auto offers all the essential benefits of mass photometry – each experiment uses minimal sample, takes just minutes and the results can be intuitively interpreted.

Key benefits of automated mass photometry

Automated mass characterization of biomolecules

  • Rapid measurement of multiple samples
  • Ideal for screening and titration assays
  • One hour of autonomous measurement
  • Highly reproducible data

  • Precision pipetting
  • Consistent measurements
  • Compatibility with Refeyn OneMP and TwoMP

  • An intuitive software interface
  • Plus, all the benefits of mass photometry

  • Mass measurement in solution
  • Label free
  • Single-molecule counting
  • Minimal sample required
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