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Thermo Scientific™ Sulfo-NHS (N-hydroxysulfosuccinimide)

Pierce Sulfo-NHS is a chemical modification reagent for converting carboxyl groups to amine-reactive NHS esters for bioconjugation, crosslinking, labeling and immobilization methods.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Great experience working with orbitrap LC MS instrument.


Average Rating 4.7

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Proteomics and biomarkers discovery, metabolomics, lipodomics, urine proteomics, plasma proteomics,

We got very promising results

Review Date: 20 May 2022 | Thermo Fisher Scientific

Sulfo-NHS (N-hydroxysulfosuccinimide) enables control and modification of carbodiimide crosslinking reactions involving activation of carboxylates (—COOH) for conjugation with primary amines (—NH2). Derivatives are easily synthesized by mixing the Sulfo-NHS with a carboxyl-containing molecule and a dehydrating agent such as the carbodiimide EDC (EDAC). The method is the basis for generating many types of protein labeling reagents, including amine-reactive fluorescent dyes, biotin affinity tags and pegylation compounds.


  • Efficiency of EDC-mediated coupling is increased in the presence of Sulfo-NHS
  • Amine-reactive NHS esters or Sulfo-NHS esters can be made with any carboxyl-containing molecule
  • Sulfo-NHS derivatives are usually directly water-soluble
  • Greater than 95% by quantitative NMR; average lot purity is greater than 99%

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