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Single Cell Methylation Kit

Our new Single Cell Methylation Kit gives you an unprecedented ability to transform your understanding of biology. With both scalability and highly sensitive chemistry, you'll get a revolutionary view into cellular heterogeneity.

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As the first ever commercial solution for single-cell resolution into methylation states, our Single Cell Methylation Kit allows you to profile single-cell methylation states across tens of thousands of cells. You can now fix your samples with the utmost flexibility in sample collection, storage, and transport-allowing you to process your samples on your own time. The streamlined workflow and powerful chemistry enable the analysis of tens of thousands of cells in a single run. Paired with our easy-to-use data analysis pipeline, you can achieve results quickly and efficiently.


Up to 18,000 cells per run


Detect hundreds of thousands of CpG sites


Fixation-compatible for sample storage, transport, and batching

Target Enrichment Compatible

Reduce sequencing costs while conserving meaningful biological data

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