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Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit, 25 x 20 µl reactions #12012802

Bio-Rad12012802Available: Worldwide

25 x 20 µl reactions; kit includes 400 µl Reliance Select 5X reaction mix, 25 µl Reliance reverse transcriptase, Reliance Select random primers, oligo(dT), DNase and buffer, nuclease-free water

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Reliance Select cDNA Synthesis Kit contains a newly engineered reverse transcriptase designed to perform well with challenging samples and targets. This kit has the capability of processing samples with difficult inhibitors and degraded RNA (e.g., FFPE samples) as well as targets containing secondary structures and/or high GC content.

Features and Benefits

  • Novel engineered reverse transcriptase with superior performance — compatible with degraded samples such as FFPE, inhibitors and targets with high GC content
  • 10 minute reaction protocol — quickly and easily complete cDNA synthesis
  • High tolerance to common reaction inhibitors — enables higher reproducibility and consistent results, even in samples with inhibitor carry-over
  • High versatility — stock a single reverse transcription kit in the lab
  • Thermostability up to 55ºC allows for better performance with secondary structures

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