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Prep SFC System

Rugged, Reliable SFC Purification of Compounds

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Developed in collaboration with the Enabling Technologies Consortium, the award-winning Nexera UC Prep SFC is a next-generation solution to the demand for efficient and robust semi-prep SFC purification in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Its flexible system configuration in a compact design allows users to overhaul their workflows, reduce inefficiencies and meet a wide range of purification requirements.

  • Outstanding data quality through the patented “LotusStream” gas-liquid separator technology, which realizes a higher recovery ratio and lower carryover than earlier SFC systems; it reduces the total size of the recovery system and allows for easy rinsing compared to earlier cyclone-style or centrifugal type GLS systems.
  • Maximizes lab resources with its compact design, green technology and fast dry down times
  • Streamlined processes while fitting into pre-existing workflows with the easy-to-use “Prep Solution” software

Each Nexera UC semi-prep system is configurable to user specifications in order to optimally perform the desired purification function including chiral or achiral purifications, single injections, stacked injections, and fraction collections from several microliters to liters.

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