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Olink® Target 96 Immuno-Oncology Panels

Thoroughly validated, high-performance protein biomarker panels available for immuno-oncology studies.

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Average Rating 5.0

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Excellent product, very user friendly software to analyze the data.

Review Date: 16 Jan 2024 | Olink Proteomics

Olink® Target 96 panels specialize in key disease areas and important biological processes, and accelerate targeted protein biomarker research through high-multiplex immunoassays, providing uncompromised data quality and performance.

Key features & benefits

  • Allows for simultaneous analysis of 92 protein biomarkers
  • Uses only 1 µL of biological sample
  • Exceptional data quality through relative (NPX) quantification
  • qPCR readout with unparalleled sensitivity, specificity, and precision
  • All assays are subject to Olink’s strict technical validation and quality control procedures

Olink Target 96 Immuno-Oncology panels offer a broad selection of proteins associated with biological functions linked to immune response and immuno-oncology diseases. Categorization of the proteins included in the panel was carried out via referral to widely used public-access bioinformatic databases, including Uniprot, Human Protein Atlas, Gene Ontology (GO) and DisGeNET.

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