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An electronic repeater pipette dispenses multiple aliquots of the same volume. Also known as an electronic multi-dispenser pipette, these handheld lab tools include features beyond the delivery of multiple aliquots, such as mixing and titrating. NanoRep is the first handheld electronic pipette capable of repeat-dispensing aliquots as low as 0.1 μL.

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Accurate, precise, No Touch Off dispenser.
Dispense aliquots as low as 100 nL. Increments: 1/10,000th tip size. Full range 100 nL – 50 mL. Up to 1,000 aliquots from one aspiration. No Touch Off™ dispenser. Includes: NanoRep™, 10 mL syringe tip, wall charger, hang-up and Quick Reference Guide.

No Touch Off dispenser
World's first handheld repeater pipette with non-contact dispensing. Reduce the risk of cross contamination and speed up workflows. Min. interval 0.5 sec.
3 Tips, 100 nL – 50 mL Range
Use less plastic and less space storing tips. Up to 1,000 aliquots from any of 3 syringe tips, with increment adjustment down to 1/10,000th tip size.

Positive displacement
Confidently handle viscous, volatile, and other challenging liquids with extreme accuracy.

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