MicroPro is a compact 96-channel automated pipetting system that offers precision and faster-throughput when working in 96- or 384-well formats. At 32 cm tall, 19 cm wide and weighing just 5.1 kg, Ra...



An electronic repeater pipette dispenses multiple aliquots of the same volume. Also known as an electronic multi-dispenser pipette, these handheld lab tools include features beyond the delivery of mu...


Pipette Controller SP+

Easy Control at Your Fingertips. The Rainin SP+™ Pipette Controller, with its unique extendable head for improved ergonomics, samples large volumes (up to 100 mL) and offers the flexibility needed fo...


E4 Multi Pipette E8-10XLS+

The Future of Pipetting now. E4™ XLS+ 8-channel pipette, 0.5-10 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Consistent sample pickup, all channels. Simple operation, advanced modes. Password-protection (E8-10XLS+...

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