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MicroPro is a compact 96-channel automated pipetting system that offers precision and faster-throughput when working in 96- or 384-well formats. At 32 cm tall, 19 cm wide and weighing just 5.1 kg, Rainin MicroPro 20 and MicroPro 300 pipetting workstations are the smallest 96-channel automatic pipettes available. 

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Exceptional Ease and Speed

Simplify Your workflows
With touchless tip ejection, precise speed control and the ability to save protocols, MicroPro reduces operator error and improves reproducibility.

Your Research Assistant
MicroPro goes beyond simply adding and mixing reagents by offering helpful pipetting modes including multi-dispense, multi-aspirate, custom protocols.

Custom Protocols
Custom protocols that include your tailored instructions and liquid handing steps are easy to create, save, edit and recall.
The Rainin MicroPro 20 96-channel semi-automated pipettor has a volume range of 2-20 µL and precision of 1-5 µL < 3% C.V. and 6-20 µL < 2% C.V.
The Rainin MicroPro 300 96-channel semi-automated pipettor has a volume range of 5-300 µL and precision of 15-30 µL < 2% C.V. and 30-300 µL < 1% C.V.

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