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Multi-chip Dual-organ (MPS-TL6) Plates by CN Bio

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Multi-chip Dual-organ (MPS-TL6) consumable plates from CN Bio are used to culture interconnected 3D in vitro multi-organ-on-chip models under perfusion, such as Gut/Liver, or Lung/Liver, to generate clinically translatable data.

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Designed for exclusive use with the PhysioMimix™ Multi-organ System, each well of the Multi-chip Dual-organ (MPS-TL6) consumable plate enable users to culture an advanced in vitro 3D liver microtissue model and interconnect it with another organ (such as gut, or lung).

By interconnecting organs together, users can simulate processes such as drug absorption and metabolism, or understand interactions between organs, such as inflammation, which drive disease and cause unexpected toxicities. By mimicking how organs interact and communicate as part of a complex system, users benefit from the types of insights gained using in vivo animal studies but without cross-species concerns.

The plate features 6 independent wells. Each well is comprised of an interconnected Transwell® and liver compartment which feature adjustable inter- and intra- organ-specific flow rates to enhance physiological relevance.

Transwell compartments are compatible with standard 24-well plate 0.33 cm2 Transwell® inserts. Liver compartments contain embedded three-dimensional (3D) scaffolds which facilitate the creation of 3D liver microtissues that recapitulate the functionality and microarchitecture of the human liver. Both compartments are continuously perfused by oxygen and nutrients, creating the ideal culture conditions for tissue formation, whilst an interconnect pump enables the independent recirculation of media from one compartment to the other to facilitate inter-organ crosstalk.

When combined with Physiologically based pharmacokinetics (PBPK) modelling, the PhysioMimix Multi-organ System and Multi-chip Dual-organ plate provide robust and accurate translational in vitro datasets that can be extrapolated to the clinic, giving confidence in a novel therapeutic’s potential before its release into the market.
Validated applications include:

  • ADME (Drug absorption, metabolism and bioavailability)
  • PK/PD
  • Toxicology
  • Immune interactions

Multi-chip Dual-organ consumable plates are:

  • Suitable for organoids, spheroids, iPSCs, primary cells, immortalized cell lines and commercial inserts (such as MucilAir® or EpiSkin©)
  • For sole use with CN Bio’s PhysioMimix™ Multi-organ System.
  • Designed to support users transitioning from 2D cell culture into 3D microtissues via a familiar open-well plate-based format
  • PDMS-free, reducing non-specific binding for non-biased assessment of drug responses
  • Compatible with 0.33 cm2 Transwell® inserts

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