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Monowave 400

The Anton Paar Monowave product line is a series of high-performance monomode microwave reactors designed for small- to medium-scale microwave synthesis. Attain temperatures up to 300 °C and pressures up to 30 bar with advanced all-the-time safety features for high-speed, high-pressure, high-temperature reactions. Improve productivity and product purity across all applications in research and development laboratories with pre…

Anton Paar

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Average Rating 4.3

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A really great product


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Synthesis nanoparticles

The product and after-sales service was excellent. The nanoparticles produced were perfect and reproducible. This product was easy to use and really good value for money.

Review Date: 15 Jul 2022 | Anton Paar

Overall, not a bad choice.


Average Rating 3.7

Application Area:

Conduct chemistry reactions under microwave irradiation conditions

We bought this Anton-Parr unit when our BioTage Initiator died more than two years ago. The price was significantly cheaper than a replacement BioTage unit with similar specs. The unit is built like a tank and is much bigger than the BioTage unit it replaced. We had to cut away a few monkey bars and remove the "explosion cup" at the back that was meant to catch glass shards in the unlikely event of a run-away reaction, in order to fit it into the fume hood---even so, the front barely cleared the sash, instead of leaving a couple of inches as per the safety rules. The instrument functions well and handles the chemistry fine. The (low res) camera and LED backlight are nice upgrades compared to the BioTage unit. Even though the unit is marketed in North America and only requires 1000W power input, it runs on 208V---an inheritance from its European root. Make sure you have access to a qualified electrician to install the high voltage socket. Their available field service engineers seemed to be more limited, and arranging an on-site PM turned out to be slower than expected.

Review Date: 15 Nov 2021 | Anton Paar

  • Advanced all-the-time safety features
  • Highest attainable temperature/pressure conditions: 300 °C and 30 bar
  • Total reaction time: up to 100 h
  • Built-in camera with on-screen image
  • Optionally available MAS 24 autosampler for improved productivity

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