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Lovibond Reagents

The Lovibond range of reagents extends from blistered tablets to powder reagents packaged in aluminium foil to liquid reagents in dosage-precise dropper bottles.


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Tablet Reagents: Renowned for their precision and convenience, our tablet reagents stand as the preferred choice in the industry. With precise dosability, effortless handling, and an extensive shelf life, Lovibond® tablets offer unmatched reliability in various climatic conditions. Encased in aluminium blister packaging for easy access, their compact design ensures minimal interference from external factors, maintaining consistency in your analyses. Packaged individually, some tablets boast a shelf life of up to 10 years, guaranteeing long-term stability.
Powder Reagents: Simplify your laboratory procedures with our convenient Powder Packs. With just a tear of the aluminium foil pack and addition to your water sample, our powder reagents offer quick and easy usage, making them a popular choice for water analysis worldwide. Manufactured to the same stringent quality standards as our renowned tablet productions, Lovibond® Powder Packs ensure consistent and reliable results. Embraced globally, Lovibond’s commitment to quality shines through in every Powder Pack, covering a comprehensive range of parameters from aluminium to zinc.
Tube Tests: Simplifying complex procedures, our tube tests offer unparalleled ease and precision. Pre-loaded with the exact dosage of essential indicators and reagents, our cuvettes ensure accurate results with minimal effort. Just add your sample, insert it into the photometric measuring instrument, and your results are ready. Designed for universal usability, these tube tests make highly sensitive water tests exceptionally straightforward—upon adding reagents, the sample liquid promptly undergoes discolouration, allowing the photometer to analyse and determine parameter concentrations. Standardised processes save time and reduce workload, while pre-dosed reagents eliminate the need to handle hazardous chemicals, enhancing work safety. With up to six different measuring ranges available, our Ø 16mm round cuvettes, crafted from special optical glass, guarantee precise sample verification. Each kit includes 24 or 25 reaction cuvettes and up to 2 zero cuvettes for photometer system calibration, ensuring seamless testing experiences for all users.

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