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Lambda DG-4/DG-5 PLUS

High Speed Wavelength Switcher

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The Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus is a complete illumination system offering speed and versatility for experiments requiring rapid wavelength switching. New digital servo technology allows faster filter switching and 30% greater light output than the first generation DG-4/DG-5. The instrument retains all the advantages of interference filter based systems, yet eliminates the temporal constraints imposed by traditional filter changing devices like filter wheels. Switching between any two wavelengths is achieved in 0.5msec, allowing the user to perform real-time video imaging. The high switching speed of the Lambda DG-4/DG-5 Plus facilitates the ability to follow fast changes in ion concentrations in dual wavelength ratio imaging applications and to monitor other concomitant changes in the studied system at additional wavelengths.

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