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iScript™ Select cDNA Synthesis Kit, 100 x 20 µl rxns


100 x 20 µl reactions, cDNA synthesis kit, includes 5x reaction mix, iScript reverse transcriptase, oligo(dT), random primer mix, gene-specific primer enhancer solution, nuclease-free water

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Use the iScript Select cDNA Synthesis Kit for flexible priming strategies. Components are provided in separate tubes, allowing you to change priming strategies with only one kit.

  • High-fidelity kit minimizes introduction of base pair errors
  • Oligo(dT), random primer, and gene-specific primer enhancer solution in separate tubes
  • Quality controlled for reliable synthesis of cDNA — synthesize long cDNAs > 8 kb
  • Broad linear dynamic range of total input RNA (1 µg–1 pg) with a highly efficient RNase H+ MMLV reverse transcriptase
  • 100 x 20 µl reactions
  • Potent blend of RNaseA inhibitor protects RNA during setup and reverse transcription
  • 25 x 20 µl reactions ( 1708896 )
  • 100 x 20 µl reactions (1708897)
  • 500 x 20 µl reactions ( 1708897BUN )

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