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The iNSiGHT DXA system is an in vivo Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA/DEXA) technology for preclinical research. This fully shielded X-ray cabinet is suitable for small animal DXA applications – mice, rats, and animals of similar size (up to 5kg). Efficient body composition measurements allow for fast scan times of 25 seconds. Combined with its low-dose radiation, it’s ideal for longitudinal studies.

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The iNSiGHT system uses dual energy x-rays to obtain highly accurate and reproducible body composition measurements. The system assigns each pixel to one of three compartments: fat mass, non-bone/lean mass, or bone mineral content, providing measurements such as bone mineral density, bone mineral content, bone area, tissue area, fat tissue as a percentage and weight, lean tissue as a percentage and weight, and total weight in grams.

This technology is non-invasive, non-destructive, and does not require any pre-treatment of the animal, contrast, or substrate injection. The iNSiGHT system also provides specific bone length measurements that can be drawn from the 2D x-ray image.

* Metabolic Disorders
* Drug safety and toxicology
* Musculoskeletal diseases
* Metabolic Bone Disease & Arthritis
* Hypoxia

Features & Benefits:
* 25 second scan time
* Easy data acquisition
* Low-dose radiation
* Large scan area
* Comprehensive set of images and parameters
* Adjustable field of view and resolution

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