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In vitro VOC Sampling

Owlstone MedicalAvailable: Worldwide

Identify prospective biomarkers relevant to key disease processes through in vitro GC-MS analysis. Compatible with headspace sampling from cell cultures, macromolecular preparations and ex vivo samples. Driven by GC-Orbitrap high-resolution mass spectrometry and supported by a rigorous and comprehensive quality assurance process. Results are suitable for comparison with in vivo studies using Breath Biopsy Services.

Owlstone Medical

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Discovering and validating biomarkers for disease is a key stage in developing valuable and effective diagnostic tests for clinical applications. You may already have a detailed understanding of the biology of your disease of interest but how can you go about translating that into the clinic?

If you’ve already conducted a clinical trial, in vitro sampling could be an efficient route to achieving the level of validation you need to achieve regulatory approval and widespread acceptance.

Our in vitro sampling pipeline supported by our Breath Biopsy Services can help you to identify volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by your laboratory samples that have the potential to be effective biomarkers for non-invasive clinical breath testing. We provide an optimized detection process supported by expert VOC analysis and identification that provides high confidence candidate biomarker discovery ideal for clinical translation.


  • Identify clinically relevant VOC biomarkers using optimized HRAM GC-MS
  • Examine drug mechanisms and pharmacodynamics
  • Generate evidence to support clinical studies or clinical approval
  • Relate clinical results to underlying biological processes
  • Compare disease site VOCs to exhaled breath VOCs on the same Breath Biopsy Platform


  • Cell culture headspace sampling
  • VOC products of in vitro biochemical reactions
  • Detect ex vivo tissue VOC emissions

Breath Biopsy Products and Services are for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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